Spoil your Cat with the PEGOISM Cat Cardboard House: Pleasure Your Kitty

Spoil your Cat with the PEGOISM Cat Cardboard House: Pleasure Your Kitty

If you’re like any cat parent, you know that whenever a box is left lying around, your cat will find its way inside. Cats are especially interesting creatures, and there are several reasons why your kitty may be so attracted to cardboard, especially cardboard boxes. If you can get a cardboard cat house that will suit your cat’s needs, then all the better! The PEGOISM cat cardboard house is the ideal cat cardboard furniture for your kitty.

The PEGOISM cat house will help your kitty sleep better.

This cute and sassy cardboard house features a quaint space for your cat to relax and take one of his or her many cat naps. Cats seek out small spaces out of instinct. In the wild, the best place to relax and get some rest is in an area that is protected on all sides. When cat’s sleep in covered spaces, like this cat house, they are protected, meaning that they will be able to sleep more soundly. Their sleep will be better as they won’t have to worry about their cat siblings sneaking up on them when they’re trying to take a nap. A cozy space is just one reason why your cat needs this cat house.

The PEGOISM cardboard cat house will keep your kitty warm.

Cardboard is a natural insulator, so in addition to giving your cat a place to sleep where it feels safe, this cardboard cat house from PEGOISM will also keep your cat warm. Without going into too much detail, the recycled, corrugated cardboard in this cat scratcher house is able to trap air inside the pockets in its panels. This means that the trapped air in the cardboard will heat up when your kitty snuggles inside the PEGOISM cat condo. While your cat gets some comforting sleep, they’ll be nice and toasty, allowing for an even better nap.

The PEGOISM cat scratching pad will keep your cat’s paws healthy.

Cats have a natural need to scratch. Outside, cats will scratch trees and logs to mark their territory. Inside, they may do this to furniture, or if you’re a savvy cat parent, you’ll have a scratching board, like the scratching pad on this cat house. Indoor cats will still scratch to mark their territory, but they will also scratch to maintain their nail health.

Much like a nail file for humans, cat scratching will keep their nails from getting too long, and it will strengthen them as well, making it harder for their nails to break when they are playing and running. The cat scratching motion also allows them to stretch their paws and mark their scent. Finally, using this scratching pad could help reduce your cat’s anxiety. 

This PEGOISM cat scratcher house comes with catnip.

As a final way to entice your kitty, each scratcher house comes with catnip. Catnip can be used to calm your cat down in stressful situations, or your kitty can enjoy a burst of energy, followed by a delightful nap in the main space.

The PEGOISM cat scratcher house is what your kitty deserves.

Choosing a cat scratcher house that meets all of your cat’s needs is important. Cats must have a warm and safe place to sleep in order to maintain their happiness. Whether your kitty wants to mark their territory or relieve stress, your cat can use the scratching pad to maintain their paw and nail health. With this PEGOISM cardboard cat house and scratcher, your cat will be able to live their best and happiest life.



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