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Dress Up Your Pet for Halloween And Fancy Party – They Shouldn’t Miss out on the Enjoyment!

The search for the perfect Halloween and Fancy Party costume can be a ghoulish task each year. If you want to include your pet dog in the celebrations, keep in mind that all costumes aren’t created equal. Your pup might look adorable dressed in bat wings or bee antennae, but consider its safety, personality and the costume’s quality before you spook it up. Let pets get used to the costume When deciding on how to monster-fy your pet, take what it likes into account and what it can tolerate. Some costumes look cute, but they might lead to stress and harm if not put on properly or the material is inferior. For instance, your dog may not like anything that is too close to their tail and start getting fussy. Outfits made of poor quality fabric can cause severe problems like rashes and itching. If your pet is unwilling to wear a costume, don’t force them to do so. You can always opt for some terrifying headgear instead that is equally scary and fits in well with the spirit of Halloween. If you are unsure about how your pet will react, let them get used to the costume in stages. Wait until they are ready before you move forward with another piece. Put the costume on the floor, and let your pet sniff it (begin with this step if it is a one-piece outfit). Once it has gotten used to the costume, let them wear it before the frightening festivities kick off. Thus, your dog knows exactly what to expect so they won’t feel anxious or get fidgety. Don’t forget about size So, you have figured out your pet is fine with wearing costumes, but now comes the task of making sure they are comfortable in their new outfit. Costumes shouldn’t constrict your pet’s movement, hearing or sight, or impede their ability to breathe or bark. Check the costume’s quality to ensure it doesn’t have small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces they could choke on. The costume should have proper ventilation, so your pet doesn’t overheat while wearing it. Don’t forget to watch out for ill-fitting outfits that can get caught on furniture. Costume Ideas for Pets on Halloween Pegoism has come up with fun and scary costumes, while ensuring there is no compromise on safety and comfort – take a look: Honey Bee Made with soft velvet fabric of the very best quality, this costume ensures your pet doesn’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort. The yellow and black striped costume is complete with an antennae headband, yellow pom-poms and mesh wings, and keeps your dog shielded from cold winds, so it can be used during winter too. Take your pet for long, brisk walks in the park or have them accompany you at social gatherings during the festive season– everyone will applaud your taste when they see the costume. To make it convenient to put on and take off, there are elastic leg openings. If the costume gets too muddied, simply pop it into a washing machine and then tumble dry. Tiger The adorable tiger costume is ideal if you feel a bit more ambitious. Made of soft and comfy materials, your pet feels good and looks great at the same time. The striped design couldn’t be more realistic, especially with the cute ears and large tail. When children come to your house to ask for treats, the dog-turned-tiger can give them a proper scare! Shark Are you a fan of the epic movie “Jaws”? This costume is heavily inspired from the main antagonist in the film – a Great White Shark. The blue velvety fabric is aesthetically appealing, while those crooked teeth, beady eyes, and pointy fins look creepy, which makes this costume perfect for Halloween. Rabbit How about something endearing if you don’t want to go the horror route? This rabbit costume, complete with those floppy ears is just amazing! Let your dog play outdoors, roll in the garden, or jump on the sofa – you can machine-wash the costume when it gets dirty. Panda Pandas are known for being warm and cuddly! So what are you waiting for? Dress up your pet in this costume, and take them trick or treating – no one will be able to resist showering you with treats when they spot this adorable “doggy panda”! Dinosaur Who said dinosaurs are extinct? Put on this dinosaur costume on your pet and bring back this species to life! Let them wear it on Halloween or any festive occasion – either way it will be a hit. This costume is the apt definition of being “scary cute”! The ragged edges on the back give it a realistic feel, while the hooded design completes the look. Needless to say, the hood keeps your dog protected from the cold. Scary Headgear Be it a saw, axe or scissor, these headgears are eye-catching and frightening at the same time. To give it a genuine feel, they are splattered with red color that resembles blood! It can be a first-rate scare at Halloween parties as guests will freak out seeing the blood – rest assured; it is all done in jest so your canine companion is bound to love the attention. Put on the accessory using the cords and leather strap design. Bat Halloween can never be complete without a vampire bat! Time to delve into vampire folklore where bats play a prominent role! This costume is heavily inspired by horror tales involving bats and how they are harbingers of hell. Check out those curvy wings on the back! Stack up some Jack o’ Lanterns and get your pet to pose with them – don’t forget to take a photo! There is a variety of sizes to choose from, depending upon dog breed and size. Breeds can be Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Australian Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and many others. Consult the size chart for accurate measurements and order accordingly. Have a blast on Halloween with your pet dog!